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Project Innovative 2.0 [MySQL/PCP/IRC/DM/STUNT/FREEROAM]
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Project Innovative 2.0

Hey all, this is an updated version of this gamemode. I'm releasing it because I have no further use of this gamemode. It was further improved by the help of Skull , aka GoldSpy98


  • IRC System (Can use * or !say to speak, voice is needed)
  • Player Control Panel(PCP) System
  • Uses MySQL R39-2
  • In-built admin system
  • In-built user system
  • In-built house system
  • In-built group system (Founder, Server Developer, VIP, etc..)
  • In-built label system
  • In-built Private Car system
  • Auto-login feature
  • Race system
  • Bunch of DM maps and stunt maps
  • Saves godmode, godcar mode, skin , etc to the database and also loads.
  • Changing the name color, id color and the text color seperately!
  • Event system for pickups, but have been commented out
  • Many more!


Player Control Panel
- I seem to have lost the index.php file of the new version but you are free to make one your own or just use the old version.

Plugins Needed


  • Affan (me) - For scripting
  • Skull - For scripting
  • Rafli - For mapping
  • Mixa - For Mapping
  • Rest of the team members for helping me find the bugs
  • System64 - I used his tutorial to make the PCP.
  • [HiC]TheKiller - I used his race tutorial to make the Race System.
  • The people who made the includes, plugins and the SA:MP team.

Question : How do I become the owner?
Answer : Get in the server and do /rcon login <yourpass> and then /setlevel <yourname/id> 6

Question : How do I set VIP and other groups?
Answer : /setgroup and it'll give you a bunch of information.

Question : Will you be working on this?
Answer : Yes, just send me a message!

Question : How do I talk in the staff chat?
Answer : Use '#' to talk in the staff chat. For example @Hello staff team!

Download Link

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