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Streamer Plugin v2.7.7
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Добрый день. Выкладываю для вас новую версию стример плагина. Данный плагин позволяет избежать стандартные SA-MP ограничения по объектам, иконкам, 3Д текстам, пикапам, чекпоинтам и гоночным чекпоинтам.

Обновления в версии 2.7.4:
- Fixed bugs with Streamer_(Get/Set)MaxItems and IsPlayerIn(Any)DynamicArea
- Ordered the results stored in the GetPlayerDynamicAreas array by player distance from the area
- Added GetDynamicAreasForPoint (also ordered by distance) and GetNumberDynamicAreasForPoint
- Added IsDynamicObjectMaterialUsed and IsDynamicObjectMaterialTextUsed
- Added "STREAMER_ENABLE_TAGS" definition to include file which turns on tags for all types of items (in the format of "DynamicObject:", for example)

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